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Nantucket Interior Design Style: Top 5 Chic Tips for 2024



When you think of Nantucket interior design style, images of breezy, light-filled rooms with soft, calming colors and nautical accents instantly come to mind. This style blends traditional charm with coastal elements to create spaces that feel both timeless and effortlessly elegant. Originating from the quaint, isolated vibe of Nantucket itself, this design approach emphasizes comfort and functionality, making it perfect for creating a serene home environment. Here’s a quick guide:
Textural Richness: Use of natural fibers like rattan and linen.
Cool, Calming Color Palettes: Soft whites, oceanic blues, and sandy neutrals.
Nautical Accents: Subtle references to maritime life.
Historical Elegance: Elements that reflect Nantucket’s rich historical past.

For those in central Connecticut looking to infuse their custom-built homes with a touch of Nantucket, emphasizing these core elements can transform your space into a haven of coastal chic. This style is not just about aesthetics but also about crafting spaces that resonate with a lifestyle of relaxed elegance and understated luxury.

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Defining Nantucket Interior Design Style

When we talk about Nantucket interior design style, we’re diving into a rich blend of aesthetics that reflects both historical charm and seaside relaxation. This style uniquely combines elements of Greek Revival architecture, shabby chic decor, rustic touches, and nautical motifs, creating an environment that’s both elegant and welcoming.

Greek Revival Influence

Nantucket’s architecture often features the grandeur of Greek Revival style, which is evident in its substantial columns, gable-front facades, and symmetrical shapes. These architectural elements provide a solid, structured foundation for interior designs, which often play off these strong lines with softer furnishings and decor.

Shabby Chic and Rustic Elements

Shabby chic contributes to the Nantucket style through its use of worn, distressed furniture that adds character and a sense of history to the room. Rustic elements like unfinished woods and exposed beams complement this by bringing a touch of the outdoors inside, emphasizing a connection to nature and simplicity.

Nautical Motifs

Given Nantucket’s maritime history, nautical motifs are a cornerstone of its design aesthetic. This doesn’t just mean overt seaside symbols like anchors or ship wheels. Instead, subtler elements such as caged chandeliers that mimic fisherman’s lanterns, or decor pieces like Japanese glass buoys, incorporate the essence of the sea without overwhelming the space. These elements subtly nod to the island’s seafaring past and its natural surroundings.

Incorporating these elements into a home’s design isn’t just about adopting a style; it’s about weaving a narrative that ties the modern with the historical, the rustic with the refined, and the terrestrial with the maritime. For those looking to bring this serene yet rich style into their homes, focusing on these core components can transform any space into a slice of Nantucket’s coastal elegance.

Key Elements of Nantucket Style

Incorporate Rattan & Natural Fiber

To capture the essence of Nantucket’s coastal charm, incorporating natural fibers like rattan is a must. Designer Kevin Isbell skillfully uses rattan in his designs, notably with woven pendants and rattan shades, which pair beautifully with bright, airy spaces. Adding pieces like rattan furniture, wicker bar stools, or even a simple sisal rug can instantly bring a touch of the beach into your home, creating a relaxing environment reminiscent of a seaside retreat.

Layer in Linen Upholstery

Linen is another key element in Nantucket interior design style. This fabric is not only stylish but also highly functional due to its breathability, making it perfect for maintaining comfort during warm, humid days. Linen upholstered daybeds and accent pillows, as seen in Tharon Anderson’s designs, offer both comfort and a dash of understated elegance. Opt for colors like blues, grays, and pastels to keep the look fresh and soothing.

Factor in a Painted Floor

Painted floors are a hallmark of Nantucket style, offering both beauty and practicality. They are particularly useful for hiding summer wear and tear or adding a unique flair with custom patterns. Consider light colors to make small spaces appear larger, or darker tones to add depth and drama to a room. Techniques like splatter painting or stenciling can also add a personal touch to your floors, making them stand out in any room.

Introduce Nautical Elements

Nautical elements are deeply intertwined with Nantucket’s heritage. However, they don’t have to be overt or cliché. Subtle touches like the caged chandeliers chosen by Audrey Sterk, which mimic the look of crab traps, or decorative Japanese glass buoys can add maritime flair without overwhelming the decor. Incorporating an oversized clam shell as a centerpiece or catchall adds both functionality and a nod to Nantucket’s oceanic roots.

Pepper in Portuguese & Dutch Antiques

To enrich the Nantucket style further, integrating European antiques such as Portuguese and Dutch pieces can add layers of history and sophistication. Items like Delft pottery or ornately carved wooden chests not only serve as conversation starters but also create a connection to the age-old maritime history shared between these cultures and Nantucket. These antiques bring depth and character to the light, breezy elements of the Nantucket style.

By focusing on these key elements, you can weave a narrative that blends modern aesthetics with historical and nautical themes, creating a space that is uniquely Nantucket. Whether you are designing a cozy cottage or a spacious new build, these components are essential in achieving that sought-after coastal chic look.

How to Implement Nantucket Style in Modern Homes

Blending the timeless appeal of Nantucket with contemporary design creates a space that feels both classic and relevant. Here’s how to adapt Nantucket interior design style for modern living spaces, focusing on living rooms, bedrooms, and kitchens.

Modern Nantucket Living Rooms

To achieve a modern Nantucket living room, start with a foundation of cabana stripes and seashell accents. These elements introduce a light, airy feel while maintaining a chic look. Incorporate modern furniture pieces with clean lines to keep the space feeling current. For a subtle nod to Nantucket’s maritime heritage, add a few lifebuoys as decorative elements on walls or in corner nooks. These can be styled in a minimalistic way to avoid a kitschy look.

  • Use soft, neutral colors like whites, creams, and light blues to maintain a fresh and open atmosphere.
  • Select contemporary art that reflects coastal themes but in a subdued and elegant manner.
  • Incorporate glass and metal finishes to reflect light and add a modern touch.

Nantucket Style Bedrooms

Bedrooms in Nantucket style should evoke relaxation and a sense of escape. Use linen textures extensively – from the bedding to the window treatments. Linen’s breathable nature ensures comfort and adds to the room’s aesthetic. Emphasize natural light as much as possible; consider sheer curtains that allow sunlight to gently filter in, creating a warm, inviting glow.

  • Choose soft color schemes with shades of blue, sand, and white to mimic the beach and sky.
  • Add plush throws and pillows for comfort, selecting materials that echo the Nantucket theme like soft wools or cotton.
  • Consider rustic wooden beams or floors painted in light colors to add character without overwhelming the space.

Nantucket Style Kitchens and Dining Areas

Kitchens and dining areas should blend natural color palettes and maritime decor to create a functional yet stylish space. Use whites and off-whites for cabinetry to keep the space bright and airy. Natural wood accents can be introduced through bar stools or dining chairs, providing warmth and a hint of rustic charm.

  • Opt for chic, simple furniture that complements the overall theme without competing with it.
  • Incorporate maritime decor items such as model ships or framed nautical charts in a tasteful, understated manner.
  • Choose countertops and backsplashes in natural materials like marble or granite in light colors to maintain the airy feel.

By integrating these elements thoughtfully, modern homes can capture the essence of Nantucket’s coastal chic while staying up-to-date with contemporary design trends. This approach not only respects the traditional aspects of Nantucket style but also adapts it for today’s living, ensuring a home that is both beautiful and functional.

Nantucket Interior Design Style in Commercial Spaces

When it comes to commercial spaces, the Nantucket interior design style can infuse a sense of coastal charm and elegance, making patrons feel both pampered and at ease. This style is particularly effective in restaurants, hotels, and boutique setups, where the ambiance plays a critical role in the overall customer experience.

Restaurant Design

In restaurant settings, the Nantucket style can create a welcoming and relaxed dining atmosphere. Incorporate elements like rattan furniture and linen tablecloths to bring a touch of the seaside indoors. Lighting is crucial; opt for caged chandeliers or pendants that resemble old fishing nets to subtly nod to Nantucket’s maritime heritage without being overtly nautical.

For a truly immersive experience, consider a painted floor with light blue hues or sandy tones, evoking the feel of walking along the beach. This not only adds to the aesthetic but is also practical for hiding spills and wear.

Hotel Interiors

Hotels designed with the Nantucket style in mind should focus on creating a serene retreat for guests. Use linen upholstery in guest rooms to ensure comfort and a cool sleeping environment, essential for beachside locations. Incorporating natural fiber rugs and drapes can soften the space and enhance its rustic charm.

The lobby and common areas can benefit from Portuguese and Dutch antiques, adding a layer of historical elegance that complements the coastal vibe. Large, open spaces with plenty of natural light will make guests feel as though they are staying in a luxurious seaside cottage.

Boutique Setups

For boutiques, the Nantucket style can help create a unique shopping experience that feels both exclusive and intimate. Display items on antique wood chests or tables to add a touch of sophistication. Walls adorned with seashell patterns or paintings of the ocean can create focal points that draw customers deeper into the store.

Flooring should be kept light and airy, with painted or distressed wood options to keep the space feeling open and clean. Strategic lighting, such as the use of soft, warm sconces, can highlight products and create a welcoming environment.

By integrating these Nantucket design elements thoughtfully, commercial spaces can transport their patrons to a charming, coastal setting, enhancing their overall experience and satisfaction. This approach not only leverages the traditional aspects of Nantucket style but also adapts it for commercial efficacy, ensuring spaces that are both beautiful and functional.

Frequently Asked Questions about Nantucket Interior Design Style

What is the core of Nantucket style?

The essence of Nantucket interior design style revolves around creating a serene, coastal vibe that reflects the natural beauty and historic charm of Nantucket Island. This style combines elements of traditional New England aesthetics with maritime influences, featuring natural textures, light color palettes, and nautical decor. Key components often include white or soft neutral tones, wood and natural fiber textures, and understated yet sophisticated maritime motifs.

How can modern homes incorporate Nantucket style?

Incorporating Nantucket style into modern homes can be both exciting and seamless. Here are some practical ways to achieve this:
Use Natural Materials: Opt for furniture and decor in natural materials like rattan, linen, and jute to bring the coastal feel indoors.
Select Light Color Palettes: Choose whites, soft blues, and sandy neutrals to keep rooms feeling airy and light.
Incorporate Nautical Accents: Elements such as rope mirrors, ship lanterns, or maritime art can add a subtle nautical touch without overwhelming the space.
Embrace Open Spaces: Maintain an open, uncluttered layout that mimics the openness of the seaside. Combine this with plenty of natural light to enhance the airy feel of the interiors.

What are the best Nantucket style color schemes?

The best color schemes for a Nantucket style interior are inspired by the beach and ocean. These include:
Classic White: A crisp, clean backdrop that works perfectly with any accent colors.
Soft Blues and Greens: Colors that reflect the sea and sky, adding depth and calmness to the environment.
Neutral Tones: Beiges, grays, and soft browns that mimic the sandy beaches and driftwood found in coastal areas.

By using these colors, you can create a soothing environment that resonates with the tranquil and inviting nature of Nantucket.


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Personalized Luxury

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Nantucket Style Interiors: How to Achieve Coastal Chic in Your Home

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